Seekseekqua Wines

Seekseekqua Wines is focused on producing delicious single-vineyard wines from cool-climate organic grapes grown in Oregon's Willamette Valley. 



We seek to craft wines in a traditional alpine style. Fresh aromas, low alcohol, and ample acidity are all trademarks of this breed of wine. Furthermore, we seek to make wine in a pure manner, using only organic grapes and minimal additions. We believe that great wine is only possible with great farming and are fortunate to be able to work with two of the best winegrowers in the Willamette Valley. 

The Name

"Seekseekqua" is the Native American moniker for the mountain that Lewis and Clark deemed Mount Jefferson.  At 10,497' (3199 m), this volcano is the second-highest peak in the state of Oregon.  It is visible not only from areas of current-day Portland, where Lewis and Clark spotted it, but also from much of the Willamette Valley, where the vineyards for our wines are located. Though a majestic peak that possesses four glaciers and numerous jagged ridgelines, Seekseekqua is often overshadowed by its brother W'yeast, also known as Mount Hood.



Winemaker Daniel Kraft

Originally from Western Colorado, Dan first became interested in fermentation while homebrewing with his friend Alex Nichols at Colorado College.  After finishing his chemistry degree in 2011, he headed to California to work harvest at Navarro Vineyards in Anderson Valley, where the process of vinification- particularly that of the Pinot noir grape- proved captivating. This led him to the Willamette Valley, where he completed his Master's in Food Science (Enology concentration) at Oregon State University in 2015. Immediately after graduating, Dan relocated to Woodinville, Washington to work at Kevin White Winery, where he worked as cellarmaster for three vintages. 


Artist Kate Aitchison

Originally from Northern Arizona, Kate graduated with a degree in studio art from Colorado College in 2010. She has led numerous trips down the rivers of the Southwest, including the San Juan River and the Colorado River's Grand Canyon. In 2016, she earned her MFA in Printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, where she currently lives. Visit to see more of her work.  





Seekseekqua from Jefferson Park: September 6, 2014.

Seekseekqua from Jefferson Park: September 6, 2014.

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Please Note we cannot ship wine to UT, ND, SD, OK, KY, AL, MS, DE, RI, or NH.